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We see a widening gap between IT and the technology products being created to solve business challenges. Call it early design partnerships, market fit, or good product management, IT leaders from around the globe look to stay up to speed with Silicon Valley and SV needs to know what is on the minds of IT leaders.
We are here to bridge that gap.

Strategic Technology Council

The Strategic Technology Council (STC) was conceived with one simple mantra: That great IT Leaders prepare themselves for the possibilities of tomorrow. From guiding start-up to established products, networking with a diverse set of colleagues and having a voice in industry research and analysis.
Our sponsors are companies with emerging technologies that look to collaborate with Council members in order to refine their products.

Real-World Analysis

There is certainly a place for high-elevation analysis and reports. We look to analyze closer to where the rubber meets the road. From meetings with product leadership to interviews with our Tech Council members who have tested or utilize the very same products, our research is a street-level view of technology derived from careful analysis and real-world use-case interviews.

Corporate Advisory Consulting

Great advisory meetings are created with equal parts art and science - We look to utilize our experience in creating excellent Tech Council Advisory Meetings and engage directly with high-tech companies to assist in their own customer advisory board meetings. From building framework all the way to leading the meeting design and execution, we are here to help!

The VBG Team

Chris Pinckney, President

Former web developer turned CIO and, after being at the same company for almost 16 years, made a change and moved to the Bay Area to work for Riverbed Technology directing their advisory boards and customer programs. After Riverbed, Chris joined as Partner with 280blue and build the foundation of the Strategic Technology Council. It is this foundation that continues to grow and evolve at Valley Bridge Group, where Chris oversees the analysis and relationship building between IT and Silicon Valley.

Michael Cucchi, Advisor

Associate Vice-President, Platform Product and Solutions at Cognizant, Michael has over 20 years of engineering, product management, and marketing experience in the high-tech industry. Prior to joining Cognizant, Michael was Sr. Director of Outbound Product for platform as a service innovator, Pivotal, where he ran their Data, Mobile, and IoT solutions. He has also held various product and marketing leadership roles at Riverbed Technologies, Akamai, and Expand Networks. Prior to his work in the vendor space, he was Data Center Director at a major US Federal datacenter.

David Giambruno, Advisor

Mr. Giambruno, Chief Information Officer at Shutterstock, is responsible for leading all aspects of the company's information technology infrastructure and application environment. Mr. Giambruno has extensive experience in global information technology development and management. He served as Chief Information Officer at Tribune Media and Revlon. Mr. Giambruno has also founded or served as CTO for several leading web services companies. He was named CTO of the Year in 2009 by InfoWorld, and in 2011 ranked among the Computerworld 100.

Searl Tate, Advisor

Searl Tate is Director of Network Engineering at Paul Hastings, LLP. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT with the last 10 years in his current role. Searl's background encompasses comprehensive infrastructure management that includes all facets of data center, SAAS / IAAS, compute, storage, networking, messaging, and document management systems.
Paul Hastings is a leading international law firm that provides innovative legal solutions to many of the world's top financial institutions and Fortune Global 500 companies. With offices across Asia, Europe, and the U.S., they have the global reach and extensive capabilities to provide personalized service wherever their clients are located.

Tiffany to, Advisor

As a high-tech marketing and product leader with over 14 years of experience at industry leading companies like VMware and Intel, as well as early-stage startups, Tiffany has played an integral role in launching some of the most disruptive trends in enterprise infrastructure in the past decade.
Her broad technical background across virtualization, cloud computing and infrastructure, combined with her knack for simplifying complex technology messages, has been put to use in launching key startups and their technologies, including Hyperconverged Secondary Storage at Cohesity, High-Performance, Scale-Out Flash Storage at Coho Data, the First and Market-Leading Hyperconvergence Solution at Nutanix and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) at VMware.

We are here to help

Whether you are an IT leader (CIO, VP, Director, Manager, Architect) or
product leadership (VP, product manager, product marketing)
Our goal is to help bridge that gap so both sides can shape the future of technology together.